Animal Care Card

Like any responsible pet owner you probably worry about what will happen to your beloved pet if you were to pass away suddenly.

Thankfully Gables Farm offers a free service that aims to give owners peace of mind and their pets a secure and happy future.

Not only does this free service offer owners peace of mind it also takes the worry away from friends and family at such a distressing time.

When your dog or cat is brought into Gables Farm they will receive a full veterinary assessment. We will make sure any medical treatment needed is given and then start to look for a new loving home for them.

We never put a healthy animal to sleep so we promise to take care of your beloved pet for as long as it takes to find them a    suitable new home.


Lady and Bruno who came to Gables Farm when their owner sadly passed away. They have now found a loving new home together.

If you would like to register for this free service, please follow these simple steps

  1. Complete a Animal Care Card Registration Form and return it to Gables Farm.
  2. We will then send you an animal care card in the post.
  3. When your Animal Care Card arrives, put it in your purse/wallet or other safe place.
  4. Leave instructions in your Will confirming that you would like Gables Farm Dogs’ and Cats’ Home to take in and rehome your dog or cat if anything happens to you.