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Name:     Cleo                  ID No: C/251/17

 Age: 4 years old

 Sex: Female

 Breed: Domestic Short Hair

 Colour: Black

Can I live with dogs? Maybe – I have not lived with a dog before but could possibly make friends with the right dog in a home

Can I live with other cats? No – I prefer to be the only cat

Can I live with children? Yes I am suitable to live with a family with older children (13 yrs+)

Reason In: Unwanted pet. I cannot be rehomed to the area of Keyham and Peverell, as this is where I came from.

A little bit about me

In ancient times we cats were worshipped as Gods!

We have not forgotten this so now I need some followers.

I don’t have to have a lot, even just one or two would suit me, as long as they are happy to cater to my every whim. I require a throne, which can be a lap or Chesterfield, I’m not that picky. I enjoy a nice pamper session sometimes and I would even be happy to sit for a portrait if you so wish, just be sure to get my good side. I will not hesitate to tell you if I do not like it.

Hobbies:  Sitting on whatever you are trying to work on, papers, newspaper, laptops, books, knitting you name it; I’m better.