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Amba (fg-19_0307_16)

Name:  Amba          ID No: D/197/15                                            

Age: 10 years old

Sex: Female

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Colour: Red and white

Can I live with other dogs? No – I am looking for a home with no other dogs.

Can I live with cats? No – I am looking for a home with no cats.

Can I live with children? Yes – I am suitable to live with a family with older children (13+).

Reason In: Unwanted pet. I cannot be rehomed to the area of Bude and Turnchapel, as this is where I came from.

A little bit about me

I’ll bring you sunshine in my smile,

I’ll bring you laughter all the while,

In this world where we live there should be more happiness,

So much joy I can give to each brand new bright tomorrow,

I’ll make you happy through the years, never bring you any tears,

Let my paws be as warm as the sun from up above,

I’ll bring you fun, bring you laughter and bring you love.

I’m quite a cheeky old madam and I’m always clean and tidy. I am accustomed to a certain level of living and I expect a strict routine as I like to know my plans for the day. My typical morning consists of breakfast in bed, followed by a gentle stroll where you’ll see the breeze sweeping through my fur and notice there’s nothing quite like a blade or two of meadow grass up the nose! After such a busy morning I often need a little nap to keep me going through the day. I like a few fishy treats for lunch, along with my comfort break and then I retire to bed for an afternoon snooze before my grooming session. My fur fluffs a beauty and I think this is why I’m also known as “Miss Fluffy Knickers!” I’ll even lift a leg to show you just the right spot!

I enjoy a quiet walk in the early evening and if we are lucky we may be able to sit and watch the sun setting together. The day is so exhausting that after dinner, my time is free to cuddle up and spend the evening with you.

At my age I feel ready to retire from “supervising” everyone at reception. I feel I have trained them well and they will be just fine without me. I’m ready to put my fluffy feet up and be a lady of leisure.

I’d like to meet someone who is looking for a companion; a couple who need some extra love in their lives or a grown up family who are happy to pander to my needs.

So, if you’ve previously shared your life with a large breed dog and fancy giving my happy old soul a comfortable, understanding furever home then …

Bring me sunshine in your eyes,

Bring me rainbows from the sky,

Life’s too short to be spent having anything but fun,

We can be so content if we gather little sunbeams,

Be light hearted all day long keep me singing happy songs,

Let your arms be as warm as the sun from up above.

Bring me fun, bring me sunshine and bring me love!!!


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