Lost and Found

What to do if you lose your cat

  • Check all garages, sheds and buildings where your cat may have been locked in. Remember cats do wander quite far so cover a large area.
  • Contact all your local animal welfare organisations to report your cat missing to them.
  • Put an advert in the local paper.
  • Tell your local vets.
  • If your cat is microchipped inform the chip company that your cat is missing.

Once the cat is home please let everyone know that your pet has been found.

What to do if you find a cat

  • Check with your neighbours that it is not their cat. Just because you have not seen the cat does not mean that he/she is a stray. It may be that your neighbours have a new cat or someone new may have moved into the area.
  • If the cat is sick or injured take it to your nearest vet.
  • Inform all of the local animal welfare organisations of the found cat, give them as detailed a description as possible. They may be able to arrange for you to take the cat into them to have it scanned for a microchip.
  • If you still have had no success make a paper collar, half an inch thick, and write on it ‘if anyone owns this cat please contact..’ then put your details. Cover it in sellotape and put it around the cats neck. Make sure you can fit 3 fingers under the collar to ensure it is not too tight.
  • If no one contacts you then it is a genuine stray. Contact your local animal welfare organisation to inform them. They will then contact you if and when they can take the cat in. Please remember that most animal homes have limited space so will help you as soon as they are able to!

What to do if you lose your dog

  • Contact the local dog warden and all local animal welfare organisations to log the dog missing with them.
  • If your dog is microchipped you will need to call the relevant microchip company and inform them.

Once the dog is home please let everyone know that your pet has been found. Remember that your dog must wear a collar and tag by law!

What to do if you find a dog

  • Phone your local dog warden, they will arrange to collect the dog and take it to a safe kennel and try to locate the owner.
  • Phone your local animal welfare organisations to report the dog as found. They will then have a record and may be able to trace the owner if the dog is reported as missing to them.

 Found Cats
























Aldi – Domestic shorthair, female, grey, no microchip but she was wearing a black collar. She was found in St Judes, please if you have a missing cat matching this description can you call reception on 01752 331602 between 9:30am – 3:30pm daily.