82 Kennels & 81 Cat Pens

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our dedicated staff and volunteers care for approximately 1000 cats and dogs every year. We are committed to providing the best environment possible for our animals with a superb 11 acre site.

We have 82 kennels and 81 cat pens in total, so we have a lot of animals to care for!

Each of the kennel blocks has an outdoor paddock with shelter and toys to play with . They also have paddling pools in the paddocks so they can cool down in the summer! All the dogs get out of their kennels and spend some time in the paddocks as well as being walked around our lovely site.

The cattery has indoor pens with an outdoor run for every cat. In the winter the inside pen is heated to keep the cats warm and cosy.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide environment enrichment to all of our animals to make their stay with us a more bearable. 

All the dogs and cats we rehome have had a full medical examination, are wormed, flea treated, fully vaccinated neutered and microchipped. All of our dogs are assessed by a qualified dog behaviourist to determine what home and family would suit them.

We enforce a strict non-euthanasia policy, which means no healthy animal in our care is put to sleep!

Most of the animals we take in don’t stay with us for very long but there are exceptions. Some dogs and cats get overlooked due to health, not being very ‘pretty’, behaviour or disability but we never give up hope of finding them a new loving home no matter how much it costs!

Some dogs do not like living in a kennel environment and so do not present themselves favourably to our visitors but are fine once out of the kennel. Others do have behavioural issues that can be successfully resolved away from the stressful environment of kennels, with effort and commitment on the part of the new owner.
We totally rely on the dedication and support from special people to take on some difficult cases or simply old animals that deserve to spend their last few months or years in a warm loving home.