“When we moved to Plymouth in 2009, it was understandably crucial to us to identify a kennel for Fraser, for those occasions while we are away, that was wholly sympathetic to his needs. Fraser has many significant complex health issues, principally pertaining to his hip and elbow joints, regrettably affecting each of his 4 legs. Fraser needs daily exercise even though he limps uncomfortably at times, on the basis of “use it or lose it” in the words of the surgeon. However it is a fine balance between over exercising and under exercising both of which would cause Fraser inflammation and pain, or worse compromise the new replacement joints that have been inserted thus far. As we know you recognise Fraser’s front elbow is the primary concern and it is important that he avoids coming down steep stairs etc that would place undue demand on his front elbow. It is also important that his weight is stable for obvious reasons and it is always comforting to hear that his weight is being closely monitored too. It is hard to imagine any dog receiving better love and care than Fraser receives at Gables. The plain fact is that every time Fraser has been kenneled with Gables he has come home looking in great shape, clean, happy and contented. It gives us enormous peace of mind knowing Fraser is in such loving and caring hands when we are away. We may not say it often enough but we are truly indebted to the wonderful, outstanding care that everyone at Gables shows to Fraser and we cannot thank you enough for that”. Jane & Terry Rose 28/9/12