Seychelle, Scarborough and Skegness

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Age: Date of birth approx 20/05/24

Sex: Male

Breed: All DSH

Colour: All tabby. Seychelle is a female and Scarborough and Skegness are both males

Reason In: Sign overs

Can I live with Dogs?

Yes - We can live with a dog as long as they are calm and have lived with cats before

Can I live with Cats?

Yes - We can live with another cat as long as they have lived with another cat before

Can I live with Children?

Yes - we are suitable to live with children 8 years and above

Wow! What a whirlwind so far! We have come from a very busy home and we are a little nervous of everything right now. This is because everything seems so big and new to us but we are growing in confidence daily. We are very small after all. The world is a big place and we are looking forward to a lifetime of adventures! We are all siblings and are closely bonded, this means we need to be rehomed together as being apart from each other would make us sad. We know three cats are quite a commitment, but if you were considering two, what is one more? Ok we get it, it is a few extra bowls, extra toys etc but think of the fun and love you will have from us all. We are all very different and our personalities are starting to come out now. Among us there is the observer who watches from the sidelines, then there is the one who is is inquisitive and is always falling off things with all the shenanigans we get up to, then there is the cheeky one who loves gently batting his brother with his paw when he walks past. All in all we are nice little cats but we may find the transition of going home with you a little stressful. So please give us the space and time we need to acclimatise. We have never ventured outside apart from the safe enclosed area of our cattery pen, so our new home must be in a very safe location where we can roam about as safely as possible when we are old enough to be outside. P.S when we come home with you, tie those shoelaces up as we love playing with them!


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Love, Seychelle, Scarborough and Skegness

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