Unsteady Eddie & Elsie

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Age: 13 weeks

Sex: Male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Tabby

Reason In: Unwanted pets

Can I live with Dogs?


Can I live with Cats?

Yes we can live with another 1 or 2 friendly cats

Can I live with Children?

Yes (16+)

Unsteady Eddie and Elsie are looking for a new home together.

Unsteady Eddie had to have his back left leg amputated when he was only 5 days old, but he hasn’t let it stop him and he manages to get around incredibly well. His sister Elsie keeps an eye on him and encourages him when he is unsure or worried.

The muscles in his back right leg are not strong enough for him to be able to run away quickly, or jump out of harms way when in danger. Therefore we are looking for a home with an enclosed cat proof garden (i.e. with fencing that has over hangs so cats cannot climb out), or a garden with a large Catio, so they can both explore the outdoor world safely.

They are very close and love to spend hours playing together and also sleep together.

They are quite nervous and scared of new situations, people and loud noises so are looking for a very quiet home with adults only or a family with older children (16+) and people who can be patient and let them come out and explore when they are ready.

They are so much fun to watch and also very cuddly – when they stay still for 5 minutes! They are very inquisitive and love to explore every nook and cranny, so care will have to be taken when they are exploring.

If you have a completely enclosed garden or a garden with the Catio then please complete an adoption application form and also email us some photos of your garden or Catio.

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