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ID No.: D.5.23

Age: 2 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Large cross breed

Colour: Fawn

Reason In: Sign over - I cannot be rehomed to the area of Ivybridge and Exeter city centre, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

Yes – I like other dogs so would be happy to live with another playful and tolerant dog and make friends.

Can I live with Cats?

No - I am looking for a home with no cats.

Can I live with Children?

Yes - I am suitable to live with a family with older children (13+).

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I was only 8 days old when I arrived at Gables. My mum had attacked me and the rest of my litter leaving us with physical and emotional wounds. I was hand reared here and I thrived with all the care and love I was given.

I was placed in a foster home for a short time after I was weaned so I have had a little bit of experience living in a home, but not much. I turned 2 recently and I’m still here hoping that my forever family are out there just waiting to meet me.

Most of the time I love meeting new people and I will often want to go over and say hello to strangers. I can actually be quite affectionate when the mood takes me. On a rare occasion I can be very fearful of a new person. This is usually unknown men in high vis or a hat/hood. If I am feeling anxious about a stranger I will become tense and if they come too close I will growl and bark to ask them to give me space. To protect me when I am out I will need to wear a muzzle in public. I have been muzzle trained where I was given lots of snacks for putting my nose into the basket. I am always happy to wear my muzzle as I am still able to eat treats and have a drink with it on.

When I was younger I was usually too busy to settle down and give cuddles. I am a much more mature boy now and I am really starting to enjoy snuggling up with my best friends. In fact sometimes I like to lay on top of them or snuggle beside them on the sofa.

I love spending time with other dogs. I like making new dogs friends when on walks and I would really like having a play mate in my new home, although I would be equally happy to be the only dog too. My very best friend here is Chino and we love having off lead play time every day. When interacting with dogs I can be quite rough so I would be looking for a new buddy who likes that kind of play.

I have got some basic skills including sit, paw and lie down. I am a smart boy and I would really love to continue learning lots of new things when I have been adopted. I am a very toy motivated chap and balls are my absolute favourite. When it comes to training I would happily work for either toys or treats. My new owner may need to work on a ‘drop’ cue as I’m not all that great at letting go of things that I really enjoy. I can become protective of food items and in the past I have curled my lip in the past when challenged for tasty snacks.

I would really appreciate being in a home where I have people around a lot of the time, certainly at the beginning while I settle in and learn the ropes. At home I would like to be kept busy with mental stimulation and enrichment as I can get bored quickly. I have limited experience of what it is like to live in a home environment so my new caregivers will need to support me in those first few weeks and months post adoption to help me adjust to my new space. I thrive on having a good routine and positive guidance to help me make good decisions. I would also benefit from structured activities such as scent work.

I prefer to walk in quieter locations where I can have space from people that make me anxious but where I can still interact with other dogs. My new pawrents must be open to muzzling a dog in public as this is essential to keep me safe.

To adopt me you don’t need to have previous experience with resource guarding but you must be willing to take advice and support in order to manage my behaviour appropriately and safely. I am looking for a confident owner who has experience in owning a large dog.I will need a home with a secure garden with 5 foot high fencing so I can play safely.

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All you need to do is email or call them on 01752 331602 and ask about me.
Love, Alan

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