Betty and Boo

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ID No.: D.23.24 and D.24.24

Age: 3 and 2 years old

Sex: Female

Breed: French Bulldogs

Colour: Fawn

Reason In: Sign over - I cannot be rehomed to the area of Liskeard, Truro and Torpoint, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

Yes - We are suitable to live with other dogs and we must be adopted together.

Can I live with Cats?

Maybe - We have lived with cats before but we need to be tested here, just to make sure.

Can I live with Children?

Yes - We are suitable to live with a family with any age children.

Hello all. Betty and Boo here. Lets start by telling you which one of us is which. If you look really closely at our ears you’ll see a very distinct difference between us.

Round ears = Betty. Pointy ears = Boo.

So now we’ve cleared up that confusion lets tell you all about us. We are sisters. We have the same parents but we are from different litters. We adore each other and check in with each other all the time so we are hopeful that there is a forever home out there who can take us both.

We have quite different personalities despite our sisterhood. I (Betty) am calm and steady. I have an air of confidence about me when I’m out and about. I’m a very affectionate lady and I love spending time with people. When out and about  I happily say hello to other dogs on the lead but I love to play chase when I’m off the lead. I actually like rough play with bouncy dogs. However at home and love snuggling up and sleeping! I enjoy playing with soft squeaky toys too.

I (Boo) on the other hand am much more excitable. I bark to express myself and I have been told I sound like a goose! I love my sister Betty and I take a lot of comfort having her around. I am bouncy and playful most of the time. I’m often the centre of attention and I like to be at the front for all the cuddles and fun, I just don’t want to miss out on anything. I like meeting other dogs but when off the lead I stand back and let Betty enjoy a game of chase. I prefer to watch from the side lines. I also like playing with toys, soft teddies and tennis balls are the best.

We are the perfect match for a young family who are looking to complete their family.

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Hi Future Owner!

All you need to do is email or call them on 01752 331602 and ask about me.
Love, Betty and Boo

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