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ID No.: D.69.23

Age: 13 years old

Sex: Female

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Colour: White and Tan

Reason In: Sign over - I cannot be rehomed to the area of Penzance and Saltash, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

No - I am looking for a home as the only dog.

Can I live with Cats?

No - I am looking for a home with no cats birds or other small animals.

Can I live with Children?

Yes - I am suitable to live with older children (15+).

You may look at me and expect me to be a doddery old lady, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Of course I have the usual age related ailments, I am 13 after all, but trust me when I say I am bouncier than a bouncy thing on a trampoline. I like a scratch and a tickle but I’m not a cuddly dog and when you’ve finished giving me fuss I’m quite content to go off and do my own thing.

One thing you may quickly notice about me is my love for toys. I absolutely adore them and I’ve almost always got one in my mouth. I enjoy my food to, especially if you have an extra tasty treat to give to me.

I like going for walks and I’m happy in the company of other quiet dogs. After a quick sniff and a polite greet I’m usually more interested in all of the amazing smells there are around than socialising. Unfortunately I don’t like to share my toys and treats with other dogs which is why I am looking to be the only dog in the home.

My new family will need to have owned terriers before as I do have a high prey drive which is quite common for my breed. This is why when I’m out in public I will need to stay on the lead and I can’t live with cats or any kind of small animal. I’ll need a secure garden at home with 5 foot high fencing so I can safely play outside.

I’m a really lovely and happy girl who will make the right family very happy. So, if you think we could be a good match you should fill out an application form. You never know, we could be seeing each other very soon.

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Hi Future Owner!

All you need to do is email or call them on 01752 331602 and ask about me.
Love, Ethel

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