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ID No.: D/93/20

Age: 9 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Rottweiler x Malinios

Colour: Sable

Reason In: Unwanted pet. I cannot be rehomed to the area of Pensilva, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

Yes - I like other dogs so I would be happy to live with another playful, robust dog and make friends.

Can I live with Cats?

No - I am looking for a home with no cats.

Can I live with Children?

Yes - I am suitable to live with older children (13+).

Take a look at my video

I’m going to take a guess that you’ve clicked on my picture because you like a big dog! Well I’m definitely that and at only 9 months old I’m still growing! At the moment I’m growing faster than I can keep up with and in my head I’m still a little bundle, the perfect size to sit on a lap or jump up for a hug….apparently that’s not the case but it doesn’t stop me trying.

As you would expect from a puppy I’m an excitable young man and I love to play with toys. I’m great at fetch and I do enjoy a good game to tug too. Check out the video below of me playing with my toys in the freshly cut grass. I had so much fun! I’m always happy to share my toys and I have no issues around sharing food either. It’s possible that I have been used as a guard dog in the past as I am very protective of my kennel here. This may mean that I will guard your property, garden or car.

I’m affectionate, playful, silly and an all-round good guy, what’s not to love? I can get over excited and rough during play which is why I can’t be around children under 13, I’ll just be too much for them. I’m much the same when I’m socialising with other dogs which is why I’m looking for a robust playmate. I’d benefit from meeting lots of dogs so they can show me how to be more tactful in my meets and greets, I’m not always aware when dogs aren’t happy with my presence and try to play with them anyway.


What kind of home am I looking for?

Potential care givers should have owned large breed in the past and be prepared to provide further basic training using positive based methods only. You must also have experience with guarding behaviour to ensure my safety at home. I’m an energetic combination of breeds and when I’m a little older I will need lots of exercise so you must be prepared to dedicate plenty of time to my exercise and training as I won’t enjoy being stuck at home on my own for long periods.

I will also need a secure garden with a minimum of 5ft fencing.

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Hi Future Owner!

I'm dreaming of all the fun we can have together. Just think about running along the beach with the wind in our faces hearing the crashing waves upon the sand, just you and I side by side without a care in the world. Bliss!
Love, Facebook

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