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ID No.: D.111.20

Age: 2 1/2 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Crossbreed

Colour: Fawn

Reason In: Sign over - I cannot be rehomed to Chudleigh or Ivybridge, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

No - I am not suitable to live with other dogs

Can I live with Cats?

No - I am looking for a home with no cats.

Can I live with Children?

No - I am looking for a home with adults only (16yrs+).

My life has been full of hardship and difficulties. My first owners wanted to train me as a gundog but I wasn’t very good, can you believe they actually threatened to shoot me! Thankfully I was saved by a farmer before this could happen but I was rehomed to a family after I was attacked by a large dog leaving me worried about meeting any dog. After already having been through a lot of upheaval and trauma I found family life very tricky and I didn’t take well to the small children which is when I was brought to Gables.

Despite such a hard start I think I have been a very lucky boy to be given another amazing chance at happiness. Potential adopters will need to have owned sighthounds in the past and have experience in owning an under socialised dog as after my bad experience I am not comfortable around other dogs. To keep me safe and out of trouble I will need to be kept on the lead and muzzled in public for the rest of my life. I am quite happy with this as I feel very safe when I am on the lead and close to my handler.

I am an affectionate chap, but I prefer to give cuddles on my terms. I love playing with toys and I am really good at playing fetch! I am motivated by food too so with some time and patience I should be able to learn some new skills.

My new home will need a secure garden with 5ft high fencing. Due to my past I absolutely can’t be around children, even if they only visit very occasionally. My home needs to be my sanctuary and I am very unsettled around kids.

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Hi Future Owner!

Have you got the experience I am looking for? I don't want to be left home alone this Christmas!
Love, Kevin

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