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ID No.: D/86/20

Age: 9 years old

Sex: Female

Breed: Boerboel

Colour: Fawn

Reason In: Sign over I cannot be rehomed to the area of St Columb or Liskeard, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

No - Although I like dogs when I'm out and about I must be the only dog in the home.

Can I live with Cats?

No – I am looking for a home with no cats.

Can I live with Children?

No – I am looking for a home with adults only.

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It’s time to put on my positive pants and tell you my story. I was originally living in a family home along with my sister and we were very happy. I began to suffer with a skin condition and as the vet bills increased my owners were unable to afford my care so I was relinquished to another rescue centre for treatment and rehoming.

It was during my stay there that people started to realise I had some problems other than my skin. I lacked confidence around people I didn’t know and I found it hard to express my feelings productively when I was scared, causing me to lash out. At over 45kgs in weight this was quite a problem and after some months in their care they felt that the amazing people here at Gables would be better equipped to help me with my anxieties.

Since arriving at Gables in 2018 I have spent a lot of time with the dog behaviourist and my main carers to help me learn how to cope when I meet someone new. I have learnt so much and although I still don’t like it if strangers approach me or try to communicate with me, I have learnt how to stay calm when people are nearby.

In 2020 I thought my luck had changed and after 4 months of spending time with people who wanted adopt me I went to a new home. But despite everyone’s best efforts and hard work things just didn’t work out between myself and their existing dog and I had to be returned. Everyone was very sad but we are now ready to move on and find me a new home but this time as the only dog.

I’m a loyal dog and I certainly make people work for my friendship. But I promise you that once we have built up a trusting and respectful relationship I am the most amazing, funny, characterful dog that you could meet. I’m a smart cookie and although it may take me a few goes to learn something new I really enjoy the process of learning new things as I am totally focused when food is concerned.

Much like Joey from friends….I don’t share food. A girl my size needs every morsel I can get. I have to have a special diet to keep my skin in tip top shape but luckily I love it so it doesn’t bother me. I can’t have extras or tid bits as these could cause my skin to flare up but I’m happy with what I’m allowed to have, just so long as you leave me alone while I have it.

I love to roll in grass, I only play with toys when it’s raining or the ground is wet, I like going for walks in quiet places, I love a good chat and I like playing search games too. I have so much to offer and after all I have been through I deserve happiness.


What kind of home am I looking for?

I am looking for a very special owner who has experience with large reactive guarding breeds and who can handle a big girl like me. I need to go to a rural location so I don’t have to worry about lots of people being around and I would like a lovely big secure garden to play in. I definitely can’t be around children at any time and I need to be the only dog in the home.



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Love, Moomoo

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