Sophie and Fergie

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ID No.: D.56.23 and D.57.23

Age: Approx 18 months and 3 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Shihtzu Cross and Shihtzu

Colour: Blonde

Reason In: Sign over - I cannot be rehomed to the area of Eggbuckland, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

We must find a home together and although we are sociable we would like to be the only dogs in the home.

Can I live with Cats?

Maybe – We have not lived with a cat before so we will need to be tested

Can I live with Children?

No - We are looking for a home with adults only due our sensitive and nervous natures.

Thank you so much for clicking on us to find out more. I’m Fergie and this is my best friend Sophie. We arrived at Gables a few months ago, both pregnant and terrified of everything. We had never met anyone other than our owner before and we hadn’t been out of the house. We didn’t know how to go for walks and we didn’t know anything about the world at all. We both went on to deliver healthy puppies who have all gone on to their forever homes. Sadly due to how nervous we are we both needed rehabilitating before we could be made available for adoption.

We had to learn that humans weren’t as scary as we first thought and in time we have been able to make some strong bonds with the people who care for us. Even now we are both very suspicious of new people. I tend to come around to people fairly quickly but Sophie is still very frightened and it can take her weeks to start trusting someone new, even if she sees them most days. We still have lots to learn about the world and we still have a long way to go with our rehabilitation but we are ready to start putting the feelers out for our forever home.

It is very important that our home and lifestyle is very quiet therefore we are looking for someone who lives in a very quiet location. Potential adopters will need to have owned very nervous dogs before and understand that we are going to need plenty of time to adjust to our new environment and routine before we will be ready to brave the world outside. When we are ready to start going out we will need to be in very quiet locations where we won’t encounter too many scary things such as people or other dogs. You will also need to be able to commit to a minimum of 3 days a week visiting us here at Gables and this will need to continue until we both trust you, which could take a few weeks.

When we come out of our shells you will see that we both have a cheeky nature. We both love food and exploring in surroundings that are familiar to us. We enjoy play fighting with each other and we both like playing with soft teddies. I adore cuddles with people I know and I can be quite persistent if you stop fussing me, Sophie is not cuddly and tends to tuck herself away in her igloo bed.

We know we are cute and that many people are going to fall in love with our adorable little faces but it is going to take a very special home to be able to take us on due to our complexities. If you have the right home and experience that we are looking for we would love for you to click on the link and fill out an application form.


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Hi Future Owner!

All you need to do is email or call them on 01752 331602 and ask about me.
Love, Sophie and Fergie

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