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ID No.: D.71.21

Age: 2 years old

Sex: Female

Breed: Terrier

Colour: Tan

Reason In: Unwanted pet. I cannot be rehomed to the area of Torquay, as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

No - I am not suitable to live with other dogs

Can I live with Cats?

No - I am looking for a home with no cats, birds or small animals.

Can I live with Children?

Yes – I am suitable to live with a family with older children (8yrs+). I will find too many children over whelming so I am looking for a family with no more than 2 children.

Well hello there, it’s great to meet….. OHH SQUIRREL………you. Sorry about that, I just got a little distracted for a moment.

I’m Sweetie and when I arrived here at Gables I was nursing my three tiny puppies. They are already growing up so fast and they don’t need me anymore. They have all found homes of their own so now this is my time to shine. I’m an extremely active girl and I am looking for a family who can match that by taking me for long walks every day. I love getting out and about but…..OHH RABBIT……oops sorry, distracted again…Where was I? Ah yes, I will need to be kept on the lead when I’m out because I have a high prey drive and I like to chase things.

I really like human company and I love having fuss and cuddles. I don’t mind meeting new people either. I enjoy playing with toys when I’m at home but I am a little too distracted by so many exciting smells to play when I’m out and about.

Before coming here to Gables I was living as part of a multi dog household where our needs were not being met. Despite being restricted to living an indoor life I have coped well and I can’t wait to live the life I deserve. I already know how to sit when I am asked so I can’t wait to see what fun things we can learn together.

I’m usually calm and indifferent when I meet other dogs but at times I can lack confidence and shy away, this is why I would prefer to be the only dog in my new home as I will find it easier to settle on my own.

So now I had better tell you what kind of person and home would suit me best. Due to my high prey drive it is important that you have owned terriers before and you don’t mind having a dog that won’t be able to go off the lead in public for the safety for other animals. Your garden will need to be super secure with 6ft fencing throughout. It would be best if your outside space was a yard rather than grass as I am partial to digging when I can smell an interesting scent. If you can relate to this then I would be so excited if you would register your interest to find out more about me. You never know, we could be seeing each other really soon.

Are you interested in adopting Sweetie?

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Hi Future Owner!

All you need to do is email reception@gablesfarm.org.uk or call them on 01752 331602 and ask about me.
Love, Sweetie

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