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ID No.: D.92.20

Age: 4 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Lurcher

Colour: Black

Reason In: Unwanted pet - I cannot be rehomed to Pensilva as this is where I came from.

Can I live with Dogs?

Yes - I like other dogs so would be happy to live with another medium sized dog or larger so we can make friends.

Can I live with Cats?

No – I am looking for a home with no cats, birds or small animals.

Can I live with Children?

Yes – I am suitable to live with a family with older children (10yrs+).

How lucky am I to have a second chance at happiness. My life had been less conventional in the past as I wasn’t a ‘pet’ dog. I was probably used as a working dog but that’s all behind me now. I’ve been told that humans have big comfy chairs to sit on and beautiful gardens to play in. I keep trying to picture what my new life could be like. I dream about the adventures we could have together and all the exciting places we would visit. Despite my past as a working dog I am very cuddly and affectionate. I’m a fantastic mixture of calm and cuddly but also playful and a bit silly when the mood takes me. Since being here I have learnt to appreciate how much fun a dog toy is, I definitely favour those really soft ones. I am extremely motivated by food, perhaps a little too much sometimes!

Due to my past and my breed I do need to stay on the lead in public and I will have to wear a muzzle, but I don’t mind that at all because it keeps me safe and out of trouble. I’ve heard that there are now safe and secure fields that you can rent by the hour so you have sole use, that sounds like a great place for me to have some time to stretch my legs without the need for a lead or muzzle. Mind out though, I’m super-fast!

What kind of home am I looking for?

I am looking for someone who has owned sight hounds in the past, just because I’m a little bit too driven to be with someone who hasn’t owned similar dogs before. I will need a very secure garden with a minimum of 5ft high fencing throughout as you definitely don’t want me getting out and chasing the neighbourhood cats!

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