Employee of the year

Everyone worked very hard in 2015 coping with training new staff, the amount of animals coming in to our care and the unpredictable British weather with most of the roles at Gables Farm being predominantly outdoors.

There was one member of staff who stood out for regularly going that ‘extra mile’, achieving 100% attendance and supporting her colleagues and the management of the Home.

The Employee of the Year 2015 award was given to Miss Jodie Harris our Dog Behaviourist for the second time.P1020576

Despite the weather and other setbacks Jodie is always so positive, helpful and happy. Jodie is the one behind the scenes who assesses all of our dogs to establish what sort of home they need, as well as identifying any dogs that need more help and socialising before looking for a new home. In her own time, Jodie has accompanied our Deputy Manager Ruth Rickard on several home visits after hours to fit in with potential new owners for difficult dogs. She also helped with even more dog shows, events and Sainsbury’s bag packing, some of which she did as a volunteer on top of her normal working hours.

Jodie always goes over and above of what is expected of her, which is so great to see and really benefits the dogs in our care. She provides our customers support if they have a dog from us that is struggling to cope with a change in their environment.

Ruth says “Jodie is always supportive and positive towards me, the decisions I make and also towards the other staff and volunteers. She has helped with even more events this year, and always says to me – just tell me what you need me to do, or where you need me to go. She is a great communicator and always ensures I am kept informed of the progress our dogs are making. She is great at prioritising, considering the varied demands of her role. As well as doing some training with the dogs she also helps to train the new and existing staff on dog handling”.

Well done Jodie – Gables Farm and all our animals are very lucky to have you working here!!!!

Volunteer of the year

We are very lucky to be supported by so many fantastic volunteers. It has once again been very difficult to pick just one volunteer out of over 60, especially as each role is so different and all of our volunteers do such a fantastic job.

After much deliberation and thought, the Volunteer of the Year 2015 award was given to Miss Halena Ali – Supermarket collection bin emptier/personal shopper and events assistant, for the second year running.


2015 was a busy year for us with our Marketing & Fundraising Officer, Katie Barkell being on maternity leave and so many other things needing our attention. Halena gave us even more of her time than the previous year and helped us through a difficult ti

Whilst Halena was attending an event for Gables Farm she discovered a good fundraising idea, which was to sell lucky dips for dogs and cats. We agreed it was a great idea and during 2015 she personally wrapped and labelled about 1500 of them to sell at our on and off site events!

Halena helped with all 4 of the bag packs at Sainsbury’s for the whole day and also assisted with the setting up and packing up. She made 250 trips to empty our supermarket collection bins at 5 different stores across the city. She delivers all the donated items to Gables Farm and even unloads them from her car. This took approximately 250 hours throughout the year. Halena also attended and assisted with 28 offsite and onsite events and also helped with the preparation work.

Deputy Manager, Ruth Rickard says “I really don’t think that we can thank Halena enough for all the help she has given us again. Halena is always on hand to go and purchase items needed for the animals on a weekly basis and is always happy to get them for us. We would normally have to send a member of staff to collect these items and empty the supermarket collection bins so Halena has saved us hours of staff time”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers for their help throughout 2015. Without their help we wouldn’t be able to help so many animals in need.

Halena is very dedicated to Gables Farm and we are very grateful to have her.