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We normally hold lots of events throughout the year including dog shows, summer fairs, coffee mornings and a Christmas fair. Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic we have sadly had to cancel all events until further notice. Please keep on eye on this page for more information on future events. Thank you for your continued support.

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December 2021

We are giving our supporters the chance to quite literally write their name in the immediate future and history of Gables Dogs & Cats Home.

Earlier this year we launched an appeal to raise funds for an exciting new project, which will involve the demolition of 3 old dilapidated Parasol kennels and construction of three brand new state of the art kennel blocks. These have been designed to improve the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs while they wait to find their forever homes, as well as reduce ever increasing running costs. The first kennel block is currently being constructed and will be completed in Spring 2022.

To help raise the funds needed,  we are offering the chance for people and businesses to literally write their name in our history and future.  The “Buy a Brick” scheme is a wonderful way for supporters to create a lasting memory of their pet, friend and/or family member that will be set in stone. Businesses can also show support by advertising their business name or a tribute to their staff or customers.

Each brick costs £100 and will feature on a wall of the new kennel block, once it has been completed, and will remain in place for all to see every time they visit Gables. If anyone would like to add their brick to the wall there are several ways they can do so:

  • Donate now
  • By card over the phone on 01752 331602 or 01752 342410
  • In person any day between 9.30am – 3.30pm
  • By completing a Buy a Brick form




November 2021 – Kittens fright on bonfire night

Five terrified, cold and wet kittens were found abandoned on a building site on bonfire night. 

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Plymouth Herald – 5 terrified kittens found abandoned in Plymstock on bonfire night 

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October 2021 – Neglected Spaniels Dolly & Droopy

We took in two elderly Springer Spaniels with multiple severe medical issues. The two dogs needed urgent treatment to drastically improve their quality of life and ensure they are more comfortable and pain-free in their twilight years.  

Click here for the full story 

Plymouth Chronicle – Appeal for help to treat elderly Springer Spaniels



August 2021 – Shih Tzu Shambles

We were called to help with yet another suspected puppy farm, located in a seemingly typical family home in the centre of Plymouth. When we arrived, we immediately knew we were dealing with a serious situation by the putrid smell that greeted us as we approached the property.

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Devon Live – 19 Shih Tzu’s rescued by Gables from suspected puppy farm in Plymouth

Plymouth Herald – 19 Shih Tzu’s rescued by Gables from suspected puppy farm in Plymouth

Plymouth Chronicle – Appeal for help after discovery of dogs kept in appalling conditions in Plymouth home

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June 2021 – Smashed Smartie

Smashed Smartie, a 3 year old Jack Russell needed major surgery after being hit by a car. She suffered a large facial wound, multiple fractures and a dislocation of her right hip in the collision with the car. We were asked to take her into our care due to the essential, expensive surgery that she required.

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Devon Live – Smashed Smartie fundraiser helps Jack Russell’s major surgery bid after being hit by car

May 2021 – Kennel Build Appeal

After years of planning, our dream of building amazing new kennels for our dogs is coming true, but now we need your help! We are calling on the support of dog lovers to help us build a new state of the art kennel block for our rescue dogs.

Click here for the full story


May 2021 – Wanda’s Wish

We took in a heavily pregnant dog from a puppy farm, who had been used solely for breeding to make money. This poor girl, who we named Wanda, had been living in a totally unsuitable location; exposed to the elements, knee deep in mud and freezing cold during the winter

Click here for full story

Plymouth Herald – Fundraiser for Gables after dog put through constant pregnancies to make money

March 2021 – Lumpy Larry

We were contacted for help by another organisation and asked if we would take in an unwanted, overweight cat who desperately needed medical care. Lumpy Larry, as we affectionately named him, arrived with tightly matted fur all over his body and a large tumour on his face, which has been left untreated.

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February 2021 – 7 Manky Pups

At the end of January we received a call for help regarding a suspected puppy farm in Mid Devon. When we arrived we were relieved to find that it was not a puppy farm, however there were seven dogs found living in makeshift kennels in unsanitary conditions. The cramped, tiny, wooden kennels had no heating and the only ‘bedding’ to be seen was some filthy, compacted straw on the floor. The seven dogs, aged from 3 months to 6 years old, were very underweight and huddled together for warmth.

January 2021 – Tattered Tom

While we all hoped that 2021 would be a better year for everyone, it hasn’t been the best start for a very poorly 13 year old cat, who was given up by his owners. When Tattered Tom, as we affectionately named him, arrived here at Gables it soon became obvious that he was suffering from more than just his rundown, untidy looks. His fur was matted, greasy and heavily discoloured – the result of not being able to groom himself. This has also left him with a rather distinctive odour. He was born with a cleft lip, which makes eating and breathing normally much more difficult for him.

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