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Winter 2023/24 Heating Appeal

𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩 𝐮𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐥?

Winter is always a challenging time for us as the run up to Christmas brings in lots of old animals that people discard to make room for the Christmas puppy or kitten. This year we have seen an increase in the number of vulnerable dogs and cats needing our help due to the cost of living crisis. It is vitally important that we provide our animals with the very best during their stay with us and their pens must be kept warm and comfortable at all times. During the winter months we use lots of donated duvets and blankets to help keep the animals warm and cosy, but our heating bills increase dramatically. There are 76 cat pens and 71 dog kennels to keep warm, which with the increase in electricity costs has soared to over £15,000 each winter.

This huge increase in our heating costs is really shocking and means we have to ask our wonderful supporters for their help again. Any donation you can give will make a huge difference and help us to continue to be there for these vulnerable dogs and cats.

Gables does not receive any government funding and has felt the financial strain from the cost of living crisis. If you can make a contribution to our Winter Heating Appeal 2023-24’, you can do this by:

  1. Telephone – please call 01752 331602
  2. Online – via Justgiving –     Online – via Paypal –                          Online – via this website –
  3. By text:
  • To donate £1, text GABLEWIN to 70201
  • To donate £3, text GABLEWIN to 70331
  • To donate £5, text GABLEWIN to 70970
  • To donate £10, text GABLEWIN to 70191

* Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity No: 1149800), operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. For Terms & Conditions, see

If we are lucky enough to raise more money than is needed it will go towards helping all the animals in our care. 


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August 2023 Larry’s Lousy Liver Appeal

We took in an 18-month old cat called ‘Larry’ who was in need of urgent medical care and life saving surgery. On arrival at Gables he was very wobbly and it was discovered he was having seizures. Gables contracted vets carried out tests which indicated he has a portosystemic (liver) shunt.

We believe he was born with this condition, where the toxins in the blood are not filtered out by the liver and instead travel to the brain. This caused him to have episodes where he becomes very wobbly, disorientated and dribble.

With the help of our amazing supporters we were able to take him the life saving surgery and he made a full recovery. Even better news is he is now enjoying life in a new loving home.

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Plymouth Herald – Poorly Plymouth Cats life at risk due to fatal condition

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May 2023 – 25 puppies rescued from bleak conditions

We took in 25 puppies and dogs from a terrible situation where they had no food, water or shelter from freezing conditions. Back in March on a bitterly cold Saturday morning Gables were called to help remove these poor dogs. Deputy Manager Ruth Rickard and General Manager Claire Sparkes jumped in their vehicles and made the 90 mile trip. On arrival they were horrified to see the living conditions these vulnerable creatures were having to endure but they started to get them out one by one. We took as many as we could consisting of 9 young puppies that were around 8-12 weeks old, a 6 month old puppy with terribly matted, sore and infected skin and 3 mothers each with litters of puppies. 

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ITV – More than 25 puppies rescued after being left without food or water

Plymouth Herald – Plymouth’s Gables rescues 25 vulnerable puppies left with no food or water

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May 2023 Aye Aye the geriatric cat

We took in an elderly cat called Aye-Aye from the RSPCA. The lovely elderly girl was found lying in a road in a collapsed state and was extremely cold, underweight and lethargic. She was taken to a local veterinary practice where it was found she was hyperthyroid and in need of urgent medical care. Sadly she was not microchipped so there was no way to trace her owner. We successfully treated her condition and found her a new home where she will be comfortable and happy during her retirement years.

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Devon Live – Frail and abandoned Aye-Aye finds hope after being found on roadside

Plymouth Herald – Urgent Plymouth appeal after cat found abandoned and dying in the middle of the road


October 2022 Puppy Farm Palaver

As Covid-19 becoming something we learnt to live with, Gables had hoped that the huge demand for dogs would fall as people returned to work. Sadly this was far from the case as there is still a huge demand for puppies, which  encourages breeders to cash in while they can!

This demand for puppies resulted in 90 dogs and puppies, living in horrific conditions, being removed from a single Devon property, with Gables helping to remove them and taking in 23 of them.

The dogs, a mixture of small “designer breeds” ranging from 7 days old to 12 years old, had been living in terrible conditions. 

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August 2022 Heatwave Kittens

On one of the hottest days on record we took in four abandoned kittens who were dumped in a field and left for dead in the middle of the heatwave.  Although Gables rushed to collect the tiny 8 day old kittens, they were very concerned that they would not survive as they were so dehydrated, floppy, covered in fly eggs and fleas and struggling to breathe in the heat. They were taken to the vets for emergency fluids and the first 24 hours were touch and go. 

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Devon Live – Four tiny kittens left for dead in heatwave

Plymouth Herald – Tiny kittens found in field during heatwave were ‘left for dead’

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June 2022 Queenie’s Vet Appeal

Queenie has suffered with skin issues for several years and now she is at Gables we can effectively treat her skin and find her a new home where she will be comfortable and happy. The most likely cause of Queenie’s skin condition is Flea Allergic Dermatitis, or FAD, but with regular flea prevention treatment this can usually be controlled. Poor Queenie was in such distress from her condition that she scratched her neck red raw and chewed the base of her tail and hind legs, leaving her with large patches of fur missing and very sore, red, crusty skin with multiple scabs. As a precaution Gables vets took a skin scrape to test for any other underlying conditions, such as ring worm. Unfortunately this led to the awful discovery that Queenie had the bacterial infection, MRSA and she had to be moved to the isolation area.

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Plymouth Chronicle – Right pain in the neck for Queenie the rescue cat

May 2022 Pillsbury’s Vet Appeal

We took in an extremely over weight pug who is in urgent need of medical treatment. Pillsbury had the most severe pinched/narrow nostrils that Gables vets had ever seen. Pillsbury had difficulty breathing, with little or no air flow in or out of his nostrils, resulting in a lot of open-mouthed breathing and panting. He also had a very large facial fold (the crease of skin over the ridge of the nose), which contributes to his difficulty in breathing and has resulted in an uncomfortable and painful skin condition called Erythematous. 

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May 2022 Cloudy’s Vet Appeal

We took in a stray cat with a badly damaged eye. Cloudy, as he was affectionately named, was being fed by several people but had not seen a vet for over 5 years. As a result, his damaged eye became swollen, infected and ulcerated and he was in constant pain and discomfort. It is unclear what caused the damage to Cloudy’s eye but after veterinary examination it was concluded the most likely cause was blunt force trauma such as a kick or a collision with a car. 

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February 2022 Hockey aka Lovebug

Hockey is a 4 year old staffie X we took in with a long list of medical needs. He arrived needing urgent treatment for a severe heart murmur and arrhythmia.

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Plymouth Chronicle – Broken-hearted Hockney needs urgent treatment


January 2022 Popeye in a pickle

We were contacted by Filham Park Veterinary Clinic to help a cat with a severely damaged eye who desperately needed medical care. Popeye, as he was affectionately named, had an accident on a farm and his eye was beyond repair and needed to be removed.

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November 2021 – Kittens fright on bonfire night

Five terrified, cold and wet kittens were found abandoned on a building site on bonfire night. 

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October 2021 – Neglected Spaniels Dolly & Droopy

We took in two elderly Springer Spaniels with multiple severe medical issues. The two dogs needed urgent treatment to drastically improve their quality of life and ensure they are more comfortable and pain-free in their twilight years.  

Click here for the full story 


Plymouth Chronicle – Appeal for help to treat elderly Springer Spaniels



August 2021 – Shih Tzu Shambles

We were called to help with yet another suspected puppy farm, located in a seemingly typical family home in the centre of Plymouth. When we arrived, we immediately knew we were dealing with a serious situation by the putrid smell that greeted us as we approached the property.

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Devon Live – 19 Shih Tzu’s rescued by Gables from suspected puppy farm in Plymouth

Plymouth Herald – 19 Shih Tzu’s rescued by Gables from suspected puppy farm in Plymouth

Plymouth Chronicle – Appeal for help after discovery of dogs kept in appalling conditions in Plymouth home

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June 2021 – Smashed Smartie

Smashed Smartie, a 3 year old Jack Russell needed major surgery after being hit by a car. She suffered a large facial wound, multiple fractures and a dislocation of her right hip in the collision with the car. We were asked to take her into our care due to the essential, expensive surgery that she required.

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Devon Live – Smashed Smartie fundraiser helps Jack Russell’s major surgery bid after being hit by car

May 2021 – Wanda’s Wish

We took in a heavily pregnant dog from a puppy farm, who had been used solely for breeding to make money. This poor girl, who we named Wanda, had been living in a totally unsuitable location; exposed to the elements, knee deep in mud and freezing cold during the winter.

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Plymouth Herald – Fundraiser for Gables after dog put through constant pregnancies to make money

March 2021 – Lumpy Larry

We were contacted for help by another organisation and asked if we would take in an unwanted, overweight cat who desperately needed medical care. Lumpy Larry, as we affectionately named him, arrived with tightly matted fur all over his body and a large tumour on his face, which has been left untreated.

Click here for full story



February 2021 – 7 Manky Pups

At the end of January we received a call for help regarding a suspected puppy farm in Mid Devon. When we arrived we were relieved to find that it was not a puppy farm, however there were seven dogs found living in makeshift kennels in unsanitary conditions. The cramped, tiny, wooden kennels had no heating and the only ‘bedding’ to be seen was some filthy, compacted straw on the floor. The seven dogs, aged from 3 months to 6 years old, were very underweight and huddled together for warmth.

January 2021 – Tattered Tom

While we all hoped that 2021 would be a better year for everyone, it hasn’t been the best start for a very poorly 13 year old cat, who was given up by his owners. When Tattered Tom, as we affectionately named him, arrived here at Gables it soon became obvious that he was suffering from more than just his rundown, untidy looks. His fur was matted, greasy and heavily discoloured – the result of not being able to groom himself. This has also left him with a rather distinctive odour. He was born with a cleft lip, which makes eating and breathing normally much more difficult for him.

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