We wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the whole process of adopting our 2 new cats from Gables.
In particular, Kazzie was absolutely superb in her rehoming discussion and instructions on how to take care of our kittens. Kazzie was informative, passionate and really pleasant to us all. She explained things very well and demonstrated her real concern for the welfare of the animals and her desire for this to work out well for everyone. We found her charming and she had the ability to make the whole experience very enjoyable. Her love of Gables and the residents is very clear to see.
In fact, all your staff were charming, Chris (I think) that received us at reception, the other ladies at reception and even the lady who was foster carer to the mother of our kittens, who happened to be in when we were collecting them. I must also mention Katie and Sadie who came and gave an informative and engaging presentation at my WI recently, which is where this adoption process started – Katie happening to tell everyone that 3 cats were pregnant and homes were going to be needed! We must also mention how clean and up together the facility looks, its impressive.
We are very grateful for allowing us to take Arlo and Ali, now Marie and Nova, home so soon and they are very nicely settled. They had third 3rd jabs today up at Ivybridge.
Thank you all so much for your care and attention to the animals and also the adopters. Your service has been superb and we think the work you do is wonderful.
Ali, Jon, Charlie and Katie.