I just wanted to write a little note to say thank you so much from myself and my family for our visit today.

My 2 year old absolutely loves cats and spends every morning looking out of the window and searching for the local cats to watch, even though when she sees any animals she gets a little bit nervous and shy’s away. This morning we decided to bring her to gables to see the cats and she agreed to donate her beloved dummies to the baby cats who needed them more than her.

It was a wonderful wonderful morning, as my Daughter let go of her dummy’s that she has been glued to, and the staff were so lovely with us, we would have been happy to just nose around, but letting us meet the kittens that she was giving her dummies too, was so fantastic. Not only did she love seeing the cats, it also went some way to helping her not to be scared of the animals, she smoothed the kittens, and let the dogs sniff her and went right up to the pens.

I’ve come home with a very happy (and heart wrenchingly grown up) 2 year old, who hasn’t stopped asking to come and visit the kittens again, and who is a lot less afraid of animals.

So a big big thank you to all of the staff, that went above and beyond today to give us a wonderful experience that we will all remember for a very long time, and helping us make some lovely memories.

Warmest regards

The Moutell family