Sponsor a cat

In common with a lot of re-homing centres we find that some cats stay in our care much longer than others.

It can just be a case of being overlooked, which is very common for black cats, but more often it is because they have specialised behavioural needs that a lot of people don’t have the time for or experience to cope with.

Some cats have not been socialised when young so develop defensive and inappropriate behaviours towards people and sometimes other animals.  Other cats have experienced a trauma, neglect or abuse in their past, which has knocked their confidence with people.

It can take a long time to gain the trust of these cats to be able to rehabilitate them so they can start to enjoy life and look for a new home. As we are a non-euthanasia charity we never give up on a cat and strive to make their time with us as happy and as comfortable as we can.

Your sponsorship helps us to provide all the love and care these special cats desperately need until they are lucky enough to find a safe new and forever home.

Would you consider sponsoring a cat? 

It costs £36.00 per year or £3.00 per month by standing order.

In return you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate and regular updates of your sponsor cats progress.
  • Three issues of our Tails magazine each year
  • A Valentine, Easter and Christmas card from your sponsor cat
  • A Gables keyring and car sticker

To sponsor a cat now please click on the link to the right of this page

To sponsor a cat by telephone please call 01752 342410

To sponsor a cat by post – print out and fill in Cat sponsorship form with your name, address and bank details and return it to us.