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Sponsor Moomoo

Sponsoring a dog could not be easier! You can do so by paying £48.00 annually.

In return you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate and regular updates of your sponsor dogs progress.
  • Three issues of our Tails magazine each year
  • A Valentine, Easter and Christmas card from your sponsor dog
  • A Gables keyring and car sticker

I am a very special girl who has won the hearts of my carers here, so much so that I’ve got an extra-large kennel with my very own arm chair, how lucky am I. I don’t cope well with meeting new people so I live in a kennel that is off show to the public to help me feel more relaxed. With my best friends I am cuddly, loving, affectionate and playful. I enjoy going for walks and I love to play with other dogs. If you take it slow and get to know me properly you will learn how sweet, caring and loyal I am.

Thank you for thinking of sponsoring me x