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Sponsor Moomoo

Sponsoring a dog could not be easier! You can do so by paying £48.00 annually.

In return you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate and regular updates of your sponsor dogs progress.
  • Three issues of our Tails magazine each year.
  • A Valentine, Easter and Christmas card from your sponsor dog.
  • A Gables keyring and pin badge.

I lack confidence around people I didn’t know and I found it hard to express my feelings productively when I was scared, causing me to lash out. At over 45kgs in weight this can be quite a problem and sadly looks very scary.

The dog behaviourist and my main carers here help me learn how to cope when I meet someone new. I have learnt so much and although I still don’t like it if strangers approach me or try to communicate with me, I have learnt how to stay calm when people are nearby.

Because of this it may take me a little longer to find the right home so in the mean time I have been asked to be a sponsor dog.

I think I will make a good sponsor dog because I am the most amazing, funny, characterful dog once I have learned to trust you. I’m a smart cookie and although it may take me a few goes to learn something new I really enjoy the process of learning new things as I am totally focused when food is concerned. I love to roll in grass, I only play with toys when it’s raining or the ground is wet, I like going for walks in quiet places, I love a good chat and I like playing search games too!

Thank you for sponsoring me.