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Sponsor Roxy

It costs £36.00 per year or £3.00 per month by standing order.

In return you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate and regular updates of your sponsor cats progress.
  • Three issues of our Tails magazine each year
  • A Valentine, Easter and Christmas card from your sponsor cat
  • A Gables keyring and car sticker

Are you looking for a unique character to fill your home? Are you looking for a cat with possible underlying attitude? Are you looking for a cat to lurk in the shadows and jump out on you at every opportunity? Then I could be your cat!

When I first came here I had my kittens in tow and I was fiercely protective of them. The people here had to wear thick gloves so I wouldn’t cause them any damage, no one takes my babies away!

Since my kittens have been weaned and I have returned to normality, I have chilled out somewhat. If you’re lucky I may sit on your lap and let you groom me, but only if I like you.

Thank you for thinking of sponsoring me x