For your Support
Sponsor Toby

Sponsoring a dog could not be easier! You can do so by paying £48.00 annually.

In return you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate and regular updates of your sponsor dogs progress.
  • Three issues of our Tails magazine each year.
  • A Valentine, Easter and Christmas card from your sponsor dog.
  • A Gables keyring and pin badge.

Hi. Bark. Hi. Bark. Hi. Bark.

Oh, sorry about all that barking, I just can’t contain my excitement about being sponsored by you. I’ve been waiting such a long time for you and now you’re finally here.

My new family will have a big garden right? With an outdoor kennel or outbuilding with ‘Toby’ written above the door? Yes? And plenty of really fun toys for me to play with? And they’ll love going running and they’re looking for a running buddy to spur them on? Okay. Then my dreams will come true. A rural home is top on my list, with experienced owners who can cope with a boisterous chap.

Thank you for thinking of sponsoring me x