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Sponsoring a dog could not be easier! You can do so by paying £48.00 annually.

In return you will receive:

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Hello terrier lovers, I’m Bilbo.

I don’t want to think too much about my life before I was saved but I think it would be useful for you to know that I was being kept in a crate for most of the day which is no life for anyone. As you would expect this means I have some problems that you will need to help me iron out.

Fox terriers are a very clever bunch and we need lots of input both physically and mentally. As I’ve not had anything like this before I will definitely appreciate it in my new home. Due to my restricted existence I have not had much opportunity to socialise with other dogs which has left me unable to meet calmly and nicely. Some times I can be ok but other times I can be very over the top. I explore the world with my mouth which I know humans can find uncomfortable at times. Therefore any potential adopters must have owned highly strung terriers before or you will find me too much of a handful.

I am highly motivated by toys and high value treats (hot dogs are my favourite). I love to learn and I am so fast at picking up new things that humans here say I’m lots of fun to do training with.

Taking on a dog like me will be a huge commitment and plenty of hard work but with the right training methods (positive only) and the right amount of exercise I know I can be a very enjoyable companion to have around.

Thank you for sponsoring me.